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Seatbelt Grabber Handle


Buckling up just got easy, no more struggling to reach the seat belt, no more uncomfortable twists! This Grabber Handle helps you reach the seat belt with ease.

  • REACH YOUR SEAT BELT - Do you or someone you know have difficulty reaching across or behind to buckle in a seat belt? The seat belt grabber handle is the answer for those with shoulder pain, arthritis or a limited range of motion.
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS - Simply attach the seat belt reacher around the safety belt for an instant addition of about 6 inches and decrease uncomfortable twisting, turning and contortions just to fasten a seat belt. Attaches easily without tools!
  • FLEXIBLE & LIGHT WEIGHT - The flexible extension handle not only facilitates securing the seat belt, but also it's light-weight design allows for quick position adjustment on the belt as needed. It is portable and easily transferred between vehicles.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - This easy-to-pull device is made from sturdy rubberized resin, so the seat belt handle extension is flexible. Fold it up and tuck it away when not in use.

Comes as a 2-pack