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Goldfern Mobility Infinite Position Lift Chair

$1,550.00 Regular price $1,750.00

The Goldfern infinite position (2 motors) lift chair is designed to assist those who struggle to lift themselves from the comfort of their armchair  This chair will safely help you stand up but also will recline all the way back ready for that day nap.

The key feature of this chair is the dual motors which enable the seat and backrest to move completely independently from each other – known as Infinite Position. This allows the user to position the chair in infinite positions making it perfect for everyone.

Comfortable hard wearing 3M stain proof fabric covers a high-density steel and wooden cased frame making this chair very hard wearing but at the same time extremely comfortable. The simple to use hand control has an extra-long cable and comes with battery backup in case of power outages.  There are also handy magazine pockets on either side of the chair.


  • 3M soil and stain inhibitor fabric protection
  • Twin motors
  • Magazine pocket on both sides
  • Control with extra-long cord for either left or right-side use
  • External battery backup


  • Seat to Floor: 49cm
  • Seat depth: 53cm
  • Seat width: 40cm
  • Top of back to seat: 70cm
  • Load capacity: 160kg

True Infinite Position

Lifted, Seated, Reading, Napping, and Relaxing...

The true infinite position recline is perfect for taking a nap. Infinite position chairs enable the backrest and footrest to move independently from one another so that a variety of positions can be reached making them far more versatile.