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Understanding the Purpose of Lift Chairs

Understanding the Purpose of Lift Chairs

When mobility becomes compromised through ageing, illness or disability; being comfortable, and getting on and off your chair, can become challenging. Being fully supported whilst sitting can aide respiration, circulation and digestion, plus provide you with good pressure relief and postural support. Good seating can also improve your emotional wellbeing, improve social interaction, and ultimately make daily living more enjoyable!

If a chair is too high then your feet won’t touch the ground, so you will slide forward to gain stability which puts pressure through your lower back. If the seat is too low then your knees will be higher than your hips, putting all your weight through your buttocks. If the seat is too wide then you will lean to one side causing unusual hip patterns. If the seat is tilted too far back then you will not be able to engage with your environment fully, and put pressure through your sacrum.

Many people consider changing their armchair once getting in and out becomes too challenging. Lift chairs, rehabilitation chairs and chair raising blocks are available from mobility equipment specialists. Lift chairs allow you to move from sitting to standing with the simple press of a button. While lift chairs look very similar to standard arm chairs the mechanism to gently lift you into a fully upright position is actually a lot more advanced than regular easy chairs. It is worth trying a lift chair in-store first to understand the advantages for yourself.

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