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Replacing Your Mobility Scooter Charger

Replacing Your Mobility Scooter Charger

Understanding what type of charger is needed for you mobility scooter is very important. Using the wrong type of charger can damage batteries and in extreme cases cause overloads and even fires.

The details of the type of battery charger for your mobility scooter will normally be in your mobility scooter owner’s manual. This should give you the information that is needed to correctly choose a replacement charger. Failing this you will need to identify what type and size of battery is fitted to your mobility scooter (see our mobility scooter battery guide). Once you know the battery type and size you will be able to then choose the correct replacement charger.

It is worth noting that many times a faulty or broken battery charger is only part of the problem. Identifying why the charger is broken or what caused it to break will make sure your replacement battery charger doesn’t break in the same manner.

There are two main types of mobility scooter chargers based on the batteries fitted to your mobility scooter. There are those for AGM (also known as Sealed Lead Acid) and those for lithium-ion batteries. Although the 3-pin connector is the same for both types of chargers, they cannot be interchanged. If you do use the wrong type of battery charger, there is a chance of damaging your batteries or even causing a fire.

Within AGM and lithium-ion battery chargers there will also be rate of charge. In simple terms larger batteries need bigger more powerful chargers to fully charge the batteries.

AGM (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery chargers fall into 3 basic categories.

  1. 2Ah charger for mobility batteries up to 22Ah
  2. 4/6Ah charger for mobility batteries up to 50Ah
  3. 8Ah charger for mobility batteries up to 110Ah’s.

Lithium-ion chargers normally are replaced with the original manufacturers options due to their being less need for powerful chargers.

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