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M+ Heavy-Duty


M+ Heavy-Duty mobility scooter is designed to take you places other mobility scooters cannot.

Mobility Plus Says....The Heavy-Duty mobility scooter is a fantastic option if you need a large, tough mobility scooter. Its hefty tyres and large ground clearance mean it can tackle the lumps and bumps with ease yet is still very stable.  

The M+ Heavy-Duty mobility scooter is packed with high performance features such as full suspension, LED lighting and digital display - shows your speed, distance traveled and even the temperature!

The Heavy Duty is the ultimate outdoor mobility scooter with substantial wheels and high ground clearance.  The built-in ani-tip sensor will automatically slow you down on tight turns make this a powerful but safe mobility scooter.


Easy to use controls with digital display – Check your speed with ease.

Suspension Front and Rear – Comfortable ride soaking up those rough footpaths.

Anti-Tip sensor - Auto slow function on tight turns.

Large front and rear tyres for added stability – Off-road tyres are an option.

Extra- large front and rear basket – Drink bottle holders up front, locking box on the rear.

Upgraded powerful Motor – 1300Watts of power from quality a 4-pole 24-volt motor (Upgraded from 950watt motor).

Upgraded quality P&G S Drive 200amp Controller (Upgraded from 140amp controller).

Over $500 worth of FREE Accessories come with this Mobility Scooter 

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    Max Speed: Up to 15Kph
    Travel Range: Up to 50km
    Motor Size: 24v 4 pole Up to 1300 Watt
    Max User Weight: 220Kg
    Battery Type: Valen Gel
    Battery Size: 12 Volt 70ah (2)
    Battery Charger: Yes
    Max Climb Angle: 15 Degrees
    Ground Clearance: 15cm
    Turning Radius: 215cm
    Width (at rear wheels): 70cm
    Overall Length: 156cm
    Overall Width: 100cm
    Overall Height: 140cm
    Tyre Size (front): Pneumatic 35cm
    Tyre Size (rear): Pneumatic 39cm
    Colours Available: Grey and Blue