Tri Walker - Ultra Lightweight and Easy Folding

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Are you struggling with a bulky walker that’s difficult to get in and out of the car? Our compact folding Tri Walker, made of lightweight aluminium and weighing only 4.5kg, is the perfect solution for you.


LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: Our aluminium walker weighs only 4.5kg, making it one of the lightest on the market, ensuring ease of use and travel.

SAFETY BRAKES & LOCK: Pull the handles up for rear wheel braking or push them down to lock the wheels for safety. The safety lock keeps the walker open while in use.

EASY TO TRANSPORT: Simply push the handles together to fold flat for storage and effortless lifting into the car's boot.

SUPER MANOEUVRABLE: Navigate tight spaces with ease using the front swivel wheel and small footprint, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

EASY TO ADJUST: Height-adjustable handles with ergonomic grips ensure a comfortable fit for users of all heights.

LARGE ZIPPED BAG: Keep your valuables and shopping secure with the spacious bag that sits between the frame when unfolded.

QUALITY PRODUCT: From Goldfern Mobility (NZ), tested to international standards for durability and reliability.


Walker Weight: Only 4.5kg

Handle Height Adjustment: 83cm-96cm

Overall Width at Rear wheels: 65cm

Depth Front to Rear wheels: 55cm

Folded Width: 24cm

Wheel Diameter: 20cm (8 inches) - Solid hard-wearing polyurethane tyres

Maximum User Weight: 114kg


Easy – No tools needed, just fit the handles.

4 Wheeled Walkers vs Tri-Walker:

What are the Differences and Advantages?

There are two major styles of wheeled walkers: 4 wheel walkers and the tri-walker. They aim to perform the same function – helping you walk – but they take slightly different approaches. But what are the differences? And what are the benefits of each product?

The 4 Wheel Walker

The four-wheeled walker has the advantage of providing excellent stability. This makes it especially useful when moving across pavements with divots and bumps as the stability will greatly reduce the chance of the walker toppling. The four wheels being set on short legs keeps the centre of mass down low and more stable. 

The Tri-Walker

The three-wheeled configuration of a tri-walker makes it very easy to manoeuvre around even the tightest of turns, this is a big advantage in busy shops and around the house. Of course, to make sure the tri-walker is stable when turning the rear wheels are set far apart. The front wheel swivels to make turning immediate and the lightweight frame further adds to the responsiveness of the walking aid.

Highly Portable

Although both 4 wheeled walkers and tri-walkers can be folded the general design of a tri-walker really makes it easy to transport. Having one less wheel saves weight and also keeps the whole unit more compact. This makes storing it away much easier, especially if you’re lifting it into a car boot. 

Which is Best for You?

Deciding which is best for you comes down to your individual needs and daily expectations.

If you spend more time indoors and only tend to visit nearby public spaces like the supermarket a tri-walker is a great option as it can get around more easily in smaller spaces, It is also very easy to transport in the boot of the car due to it being very light weight and folding smaller and easier.

However, if you tend to walk a bit further or your local area has uneven ground, or you have balance issues then a 4 wheeled walker can offer greater stability with added benefit of a seat to take a rest on.

Whichever walking aid you choose you’ll be able to regain some vital independence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jenny Nettlingham
Love it so light and easy to put in car behind the front seat and makes me feel more stable.

Love it so light and easy to put in my car behind the front seat and makes me feel more stable when walking!

Gareth Hancock
Gareth Hancock

It is working really well for me getting around my apparment and for getting it in and out of my car for shopping etc. Excellent

Patricia Egan
Tri Walker Ultra Lightweight and easy folding

So pleased with the above walker for my husband, now need a four wheeler for myself, that is light weight and has the same wheels as this one, my present one is heavy, and has plastic wheels which are not good on rough surfaces, any suggestions please

Glad you are happy with your Tri Walker. The same company makes the X-Lite Easy Fold Walker which is very light and easy to fold. For a softer ride on rough surfaces the Freiheit® Freedom XC Walker - OFF ROAD WALKER by Cubro (NZ) is a great option. The M+ team.

Michael Clare
Tri Walker

This is good in a tight space, more stability than a walking stick and more manoeuvrable than a four leg walker. Dad found the little locking mechanism needed a little lubricant to make it easier to use.

Margaret Frogley

Is helping with the problem of keeping appointments with Dr’s etc. It folds easily and can cope with the weight for now ,so very happy thankyou