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Mobility Scooter Servicing and Back up

Mobility Scooter Servicing and Back up

Mobility Scooter Servicing and Back up

At Mobility Plus we understand that the back-up support is just as important as the purchase of you mobility scooter. With this in mind, we have qualified technicians that can come to you to complete your mobility scooter service and/or repairs.

Mobility Scooter Servicing

For servicing, we recommend 6 to 12 monthly service checks for your mobility scooter. If you purchased your mobility scooter brand new from Mobility Plus, then your first service will be free. When you are ready for your mobility scooter to be serviced please email or call us, and we will get you booked in with one of our service technicians at our next available appointment.

Replacement Batteries and Tyres

At Mobility Plus we stock a large range of tyres and batteries to fit most mobility scooters. Wherever possible our service technicians replace tyres and batteries at your home, thus providing convenience and cost-efficiency.

Mobility Scooter Safety Training

Using your mobility scooter safely is very important to us at Mobility Plus. For this purpose, we have an indoor mobility scooter that you can test our LARGE RANGE OF MOBILITY SCOOTERS in a safe and controlled environment. Once you are confident in how to operate a mobility scooter safely in-store, we can then take you outside along the footpath to practise ‘real world’ conditions.

Upon home delivery of you new mobility scooter, our trained technicians will spend time setting up your mobility scooter, its charger, and demonstrate all the functions of your new purchase. If needed, they will also be happy walk along-side you so you can familiarise yourself with the operation of your new mobility scooter in your home environment.