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Mobility Scooter Charging

Mobility Scooter Charging

Battery Charging – Care for your batteries

If you follow the information in your mobility scooter owners manual along with the free information below, you will get many years of trouble-free scootering out of your batteries.

  • Always `connect the charger to the scooter first. Next, connect the power source (plug at wall) and switch ON at the wall last. Turn off at wall before removing charge plug - This prevents fuses blowing in your scooters charging circuit or causing damage to the charger.

  • Plug your charger into a power surge protector. Failure do so will void warranty.

  • Check charger lights are on. Follow manufacture charging instructions and instructions on charger.

  • Make sure your scooter is turned off and the key is removed for charging.

  • After a day’s Scooter use – charge overnight.

  • The charger can be turned off once your batteries are charged. This is normally two green lights on the charger.

  • If your scooter is no longer in use, charge batteries once a week. Failure to do so may damage your batteries and void the warranty.

  • Battery life: 6months-5yrs. Depending on use and how they are looked after.

  • Batteries are a consumable item so plan/save early for replacements. A new set of batteries costs between $400 - $1500.

  • Your Scooter can travel between 10-45kms fully charged, depending on model.

  • There is a 12-month warranty on all new batteries but failure to follow the manufactures charging instructions may be void the warranty (terms & conditions apply)