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Getting The Best From Your Mobility Scooter

Getting The Best From Your Mobility Scooter

Getting The Best From Your Mobility Scooter

A free guide is given to all new mobility scooter owners.

Please read the information below. This information is generic so please refer to your owner’s manual for full details on your mobility scooter.Here are some tips on getting the best out of your mobility scooter. This information supports the advice in the NZTA “Ready to Ride” free booklet and the manufacturers manual for your mobility scooter or power chair.

Caring for your mobility scooter.

Clean the exterior of the mobility scooter with a damp cloth - do not use a hose or get water into motor or electronic controller areas.

Always store the mobility scooter under shelter and in a place where it is secure. Use a cover if it is outside. Never leave your mobility scooter out in the rain uncovered.

Ensure the mobility scooter is included in your household contents insurance and arrange breakdown cover (you get free AA cover with any scooter purchased at Mobility Plus Ltd).

Do not let other people or children use the mobility scooter. It is an expensive item, costly to repair, and can cause damage to property and people. You are responsible for the wellbeing of yourself and others.

Freewheel Mode – (Pushing the scooter)

In normal operation the mobility scooters brakes are always on as the lever will always be in drive. In the event of a breakdown you may need to place the lever under rear seat or under rear of scooter in ‘N’ (neutral)

Neutral allows the motor drive and brake to be disconnected so the mobility scooter can be moved manually (pushed). Do not push the mobility scooter in drive if the transmission is still engaged. This action can cause damage. Note: the brake will not operate if the mobility scooter is in neutral; be careful as mobility scooters are very heavy and can ‘run away’ down the slightest hill when they are in neutral.

When the lever is placed from neutral back into drive, turn the mobility scooter off for 5-10 seconds and then turn it back on again - this will reset the mobility scooters on-board controller.

Regular Servicing

The mobility scooter should be serviced every 6 to 12 months. This ensures that the mobility scooter is in good, safe, working order. Failure to service your mobility scooter can void the warranty.


Mobility scooters are fitted with an electromagnetic brake. When the mobility scooter is turned off or the throttle is centralised or not touched, the brake is always on and the wheels locked. When the mobility scooter is turned on and the throttle is moved there will be a ‘click’ and the mobility scooter will move off. If the mobility scooter does not respond to the throttle or stop when the throttle is released, turn the mobility scooter off and it will stop and the brakes will be on.

It is not good practice to drive fast down a hill and rely on the brake to suddenly stop or slow down the scooter. It is better to adjust the throttle or the speed setting so that a safe speed is maintained.

When you are sitting on the mobility scooter but not using it (i.e. talking to someone) turn the key off so no one inadvertently moves the throttle and sets the mobility scooter in motion causing damage.

If you sit for five minutes and forget to turn the mobility scooter off, some models will automatically switch off and will not start. If this happens, turn off the key, wait 5 – 10 seconds and turn it on and it should go. *Check your owner’s manual.

Tips on using the Mobility Scooter

Try to avoid using the mobility scooter in the rain. Mobility Scooters are only splash and shower proof. Always avoid puddles and do not allow the water to splash or spray from the rear wheels into the motor compartment or onto the scooter’s electronic controller.

Get on and off the mobility scooter with it turned off and with the throttle or speed knob on “slow”.

Keep the flag fitted to the mobility scooter or add a flashing light to ensure that the mobility scooter is visible when moving.

On longer trips, plan to be on your way home when the battery indicator shows the batteries are still half full.

Keep your AA membership up to date. If you have any problems out on the road they will pick up you and the mobility scooter to take you home.•Follow the guidelines for the free NZTA “Ready to Ride” pamphlet.

Care of the Batteries

Always charge the battery after you have used your mobility scooter at the end of the day. This maximises the life of the battery.

Batteries last between 1 to 5 years dependant on the amount of use (battery usage) and how well they are charged. Batteries are expensive items and it is advisable to budget for them, along with the cost of regular servicing - Save some money as you go.

Not charging your battery as per the instructions can cause permanent damage to your battery and shorten the batteries usable life considerably. Keep your batteries charged.

If your mobility scooter is no longer in use.

Charge batteries at least once per week. If the batteries are not charged, they will become unusable.

If the mobility scooter is left in a discharged state, all batteries guaranteed by the manufacturer will be null and void.

Breakdowns - AA Cover

If you purchased a new or used mobility scooter you will receive 1-3yrs free AA breakdown cover.You are covered from the moment of purchase. It will take up to 4 weeks to receive your AA membership card but you are still covered in the meantime.

If you breakdown or get a flat tyre call 0800 734 543 and the AA will come out, pick you and your mobility scooter up, and take you home.

Once home and safe you will be able to contact us to arrange a time to fix your mobility scooter.

For any AA related questions please contact them directly. 0800 734 543

Battery Charging – Care for your batteries

Failure to follow the instructions below may void your warranty

Always connect the charger to the mobility scooter first. Then connect the power source (plug at wall) and switch ON at the wall last. Turn off at wall before removing charge plug. This prevents fuses blowing in your mobility scooters charging circuit or damage to your charger.

Plug your charger into a power surge protector. Failure do so will void any warranty.

Check charger lights are on. Always follow the manufacturer’s charging instructions and instructions on charger.

Make sure your scooter is turned off and the key is removed for charging.

After a day’s Scooter use – charge overnight. Failure to do so will void warranty.

The charger can be turned off once your batteries are charged. This is normally two green lights on the charger (but can differ on some models – please read your own scooter manual for specific instructions).

If your mobility scooter is no longer in use, still charge the batteries once a week. Failure to do so may damage your batteries and void the warranty.

Battery life: 1 to 5yrs. Depending on use and how well they are looked after.

Batteries are a consumable item so plan/save early for replacements. A new set of batteries costs between $350 - $1500 (depending on the particular model).

Your mobility Scooter can travel between 10-50kms fully charged, depending on the model. Full details are in your owner’s manual.

There is a 12-month warranty on all new batteries but failure to follow the manufacturer’s charging instructions may void the warranty (terms & conditions apply).