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Battery Types Fitted To Travel Mobility Scooters

Battery Types Fitted To Travel Mobility Scooters

What battery type?

There are two main types of batteries fitted to travel mobility scooters;
Sealed Lead Acid, AGM or Gel (all the same type just different designs)Lithium ion (Li-ion)

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (or Gel)

These are of an older design and are heavier. They have more in common with your standard motor car battery. This type of battery is fitted to most larger mobility scooters where battery weight is not so important. As they are of an older design and less efficient, they are cheaper to replace, but do not last as long as the newer lithium-ion batteries.

Click here to see a mobility scooter with sealed lead acid batteries.

Lithium-ion Batteries

These are newer to the market and are like those fitted to e-bikes etc. The great advantage of Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries is they are much lighter and last longer. This is important on a folding travel mobility scooter as it allows the battery to be left in place when the mobility scooter is folded and does not add much extra weight. Another advantage of lithium-ion batteries is they can be taken on aeroplanes.

Click here to see a mobility scooter with lithium-ion batteries.

* Prior to traveling with any mobility scooter, you must consult with your travel agent and the airline as different
countries may be subject different regulations. All information in this guide is given in good faith by Mobility Plus Ltd.

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